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    Sunday, June 03, 2012
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    Saturday, June 02, 2012
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    Friday, March 16, 2012
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    Saturday, November 20, 2010
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Recruiting and Sourcing Secrets

Recruiting Concepts Explained

1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" - "That's Direct Sourcing / Recruiting"

2. You're at a party and happen to meet a matchmaker and she wants to introduce you to someone "That's Agency recruiting"

3. You're at a party and see a girl. She walks up to you and says: Can I date you?" "That's Brand recruiting"

4. You see a gorgeous girl at a party go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" She gives u a nice hard slap on ur face.- "That's Customer Feedback"

5. You see a gorgeous girl at a party with few others, you up to her and say: "Do you know how great are you?- "That's LinkedIn recruiting"

6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. U go up to her and say: "I m very rich. Marry me!" and she introduces you to her husband.- "That's  LinkedIn rejection"

7. You're at a party and your friend introduces you to a gorgeous girl. That's referral recruiting.

8. You're at a party and see a girl who looks familiar. That's job board recruiting.

9. You're at a party and see your Ex-GF and she smiles at you. That's Alumni recruiting.

10. Now after the party you stalk a girl to find her likes and interest, plan to call her tomorrow. That's Facebook or social media recruiting.

Is Diversity recruiting just “talk” in your company?

 Is Diversity recruiting just “talk” in your company?

  1. There are repercussions for recruiters failing to meet their diversity goals. Are their yearly raise/compensation tied to Diversity?
  2. You don’t just tell but show a authentic diversity story in your company
  3.  Diversity is the not one of the last goals on your metrics but is driven to and by the recruiters as the top most goal.
  4. Everyone is biased in some way or thoughts. Training, celebrating diversity exercises in your workplace open minds.
  5. Stop hiring and focusing on diverse workforce- go for Inclusive recruiting. Does your interview include questions on Inclusion competency? An employee who values diversity will  exhibits inclusive culture.
  6. Is Diversity only talked in your HR dept or is a commitment from all areas starting from the top?
  7. Do you survey employee satisfaction by diversity groups?
  8. Does each recruiter have at least one diversity champion who fosters workplace inclusion?
  9. Do you have a data analysis on diversity sourcing methods? What diversity sites really targets diverse talent pools?
  10. Does your recruiter communicate regularly with internal diverse employee for referrals and external diverse candidates?
These are 10 not so easy strategies most companies might need to implement to be a "true" inclusive company.

CardMunch From LinkedIn - Good for recruiters

CardMunch From LinkedIn  - Good for recruiters

So I recently attended recruiting meetup in NYC and got a bunch of business card adding to my pile. This has been a ever growing pile.. when you go to a event you think that you going to upload them in your outlook/contact , follow up 100% diligently but its hard, its time consuming and most of the time you end up talking to few people and the pile grown bigger and bigger.


  I had downloaded this app from LinkedIn some time back and finally thought about using it. Turns out its pretty easy, all you do it start cardmunch, take a picture (like below)

Now that's some card and I was fortunate enough to run into Gerry Crispin and don't want to loose it... oh well ... coming back to topic- upload the card or retake if its not clear.

Once uploaded it lets you scribble few notes if you like. CardMunch will pull their LinkedIn profile  to your iPhone so you can see all of their information. Where they work, who they are connected to, connections you have in common, and other valuable information based on their LinkedIn profile.  Well, you are done. You might hate throwing away a beautiful/interesting card like that but lets be honest, business card is to have that person's contact details which I have in my system.

Conclusion- Download the app if you are running iOS 4.0 or later

Pealk, the #1 Hunting App for LinkedIn!

Pealk Is it number #1? Time will tell or LinkedIn will buy it or will they have a problem? not sure.. but so far looks like a great tool for recruiters.

Things l like -
1) Search is fast, better than LinkedIn Recruiter and cleaner. I like when the searches are clean and allows Boolean strings
2) Lets you create templates which are very easy to use.
Easier to navigate the search profiles and don't have to open each profile.The summary of the results is very brief and captures all essentials that are needed.
4) Allows it to add notes, well Linkedin allows as well but this is easier. Allows to export.
5) Analytic- End of the day, numbers matters. 

You have to try in Chrome or Firefox. Its still in Beta and doesn't work for IE "yet". Check the video.

LinkedIn Recruiter Expert Certification

I had been thinking about this for sometime, blame it on work or laziness never had a chance to do it. Finally made up my mind and did it. This certification is not new and recruiters have been doing it for few months now.
You have ton of info at the linkedin training site but to make it easy, here's what you have to do ..
Oops I should mention, you need to have a recruiter corporate license. Well, who doesn't have it now a days.

So here it goes-

1)Log in to your LinkedIn Recruiter account
2) Select the “Training” link located on the upper right-hand portion of the page

3) In the bottom/middle of the Training page, click on “Contact us"

An email will open through and you indicate that you would like to obtain the LinkedIn Recruiter Expert Certification. Your message is reviewed and then you will receive a link to the Recruiter Expert Exam. I got the link to take the exam with in 1/2 Hr.
4) The test is a 3-part process.
    -1st you take the pre-assessment and get an 85% or higher
    - Then, you will take a “refresher” module on LinkedIn
    - On completion, you may start the exam and must get an 85% or greater for your certification
5) Your certification comes in email within seconds.

The certification process is well automated except the initial link which comes from a "live" person. Go ahead.. take the test and become a LinkedIn Recruiter Expert.

I think this was a good idea by LinkedIn. Along with pushing the trainings this prepares the recruiter to be an efficient user.

pinterest -Ernst & Young

Wordle: Ernst & Young
for pinterest -Ernst & Young

kurrently -search engine for Facebook and Twitter.

  -A real- time search engine for FaceBook and Twitter - Need I say more?

Input the key word and Voila! You can RSS it or restrcit to facebook or twitter searches + search engines sites.

Interestingly it understands the (AND / NOT) (+ , - ) booleans as well.


 Happy hunting!

BranchOut - Interesting

BranchOut says that 80% of new jobs come through direct networking. Really? I doubt that but still BranchOut seems like a great tool to fish out details from your facebook account. It spiders out the career /company info from your connected friends and their friends allowing you to introduce or network with them. 

A great facebook application for Job seekers and Recruiters. Its very simple to use after logging in.

If successful, this might be the biggest competetion for LinkedIn but for now people might be skeptical with the lack of privacy issues in Facebook. BrachOut should try capture the Gen Y or the professionals coming out from school. Most of them would have a facebook account but NO professional relationship. This could be great combination.

A lot of recruiters are going to sign up soon with the free job posting as most of them are still figuring out how to tap the millions of profiles in facebook. It will let you link your entire job posting (Imagine all your 100+ jobs on Facebook).
Another similar Facebook application is  Work For Us  installing an App to spider/pull the info. One another which seems to be on work is Pursuit but I couldn't sign up...(sign up's Limited)

For now BranchOut is for keeps

Linkedin -Updates for companies you're following

Enough of my laziness .. so back to committing on my blog.

LinkedIn recently launched a great features which will help you in tracking companies you like or your competition or someone you could be hiring from.. It gives you an update on "RECENT DEPARTURES" - Employees that recently left the companies (don't imagine that LinkedIn will magically update if someone doesn't edit their profile) ; NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES-  (great if you are job seeker) ; PROMOTIONS & CHANGES & NEW HIRES are the other two updates which  you  can get via email like this :-

How to set it up?  Go to your LinkedIn account - Do a simple search on the name of the company you like and on the right top corner you will have "Follow company NEW" - very simple

Recruiting In India

SponsoredTweets referral badge
From the last 6 months I had been working on a project for my firm looking for experienced candidates interested in going or working for KPMG India ( BTW I am still looking for people with experience in Audit, Advisory and Tax)Its been a great experience especially telling most candidates in India that I have no interst in their photograph or personal details in the resume.

I used many different methods for finding people from Twitter, Linkedin to Orkut (instead of Facebook for India)

On a recent short trip to India  to "Gods Own Country" ; I still have my folks over there and not because NPR has putting a lot of ads on "Incredible India"(Good website though). So while flipping the giant phone Directory and looking at various Ads by banks.  I was really surprised to see many banks mentioning the names and titles of most working in that location. Better customer support I suppose.. I don't know but  they had mentioned all senior manager and above from Finance, IT ,Audit , HR dept. 


I thought of giving them call... just for the heck of it.  I called two of them and both were interested in talking further and got there cell numbers.

India recruiters are you listening? Do you  go through phone directory in your local area to call?